HCL creates support systems around patients which will empower them to easily develop new rhythms, habits, and lifestyle choices.

Branded Patient Engagement

Whether patients are newly prescribed to your medication or they discovered it through their own research, the breadth of their questions are often extensive. Instead of publishing a list of frequently asked questions and forcing patients to navigate, you can offer set times for patients to ask questions of your product experts, giving you a chance to discuss the benefits and risks in a safe and compliant environment.

Disease Support Groups

Many patients find in-person support groups intimidating or difficult to attend if they even exist in that patient’s geographic area! The Health Call List develops a geography- and social-agnostic solution empowering patients to hear success stories, learn important skills, and find people just like them going through the same trials and tribulations.

Key Opinion Leader Education

Physicians are tired of the rubber chicken dinner and the commute across town to hear your experts speak. Give them a chance to engage with your Key Opinion Leaders in controlled environments where they can listen, ask questions, and develop relationships with your experts in ways that your standard webinars simply can’t deliver.

Medical Publication / Poster Presentation

The world of medical publications has always been a one-way transmission of information; give your researchers a chance to facilitate discussion around their work! The Health Call List allows the people who know your data the opportunity to engage your audience and answer questions. Don’t leave interpretation of your data up to chance!

Health Call List creates deeper connections between healthcare
professionals and the patients, caregivers, and therapeutic experts

If you are a healthcare organization focused on improving patient outcomes through
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