Types of Non-Compliance

  • Receiving a prescription but not filling it
  • Taking an incorrect dose
  • Taking medication at the wrong times
  • Increasing or decreasing the frequency of doses
  • “Drug holidays”
  • Delaying in seeking healthcare
  • Non-participation in clinic visits
  • Failure to follow doctor’s instructions
  • Stopping the treatment too soon
  • “White-coat compliance”


Studies show approaches that improve or worsen medicine and health plan adherence


Route of Administration

easier medications have higher compliance

HCL reduces the complexity of other treatments by letting patients engage and ask questions more frequently


Treatment Complexity

Increased number of pills reduces compliance

HCL creates consistent reminders helping patients remember and actively understand the benefit they will continue to experience by staying compliant

Duration of Treatment Period

chronically ill patients who experience an attitudinal shift to accept their disease and treatments they are prescribed will see higher levels of compliance

HCL’s focus on attitudinal drivers enables conversations which lead to acceptance and learning how to live within the new treatment paradigm

Medication Side Effects

Side effect management is largely about having clear expectations of what a patient is about to go through. Patients who experience side effects which were unanticipated are more likely to be upset

HCL enables patient conversations in a real environment where side effects can be safely and privately discussed in order to mentally prepare patients for what is coming their way

Degree of behavioral change required

patients who have difficulty adapting their lives to accommodate new regimens will see decreased compliance

HCL helps create a new routine – a new normal – for patients in order to help them find their own way in the new realities in which they find themselves.


Health Call List Solution

Health Call List designs programs to encourage video discussions between patients and experts. Our behavior change methods develop structures that remote patient communities in need of lifelong solutions can easily adopt

  • HIPAA compliant, secure database, platform and communication dynamic

  • Medical experts can communicate directly with many patients at once via expert-hosted sessions focused on a particular illness.

    • These mobile-optimized interactive sessions are designed to get patients to take ownership of recommended regimens

    • Experts can see patients and vice-versa; patients can also hear each other thought they cannot see one another, protecting privacy, encouraging participation and developing a safe-space community


Through these features, Health Call List improves medicine adherence by:

  • Using proven, expert-designed behavior change principles

  • Improving access to true experts by eliminating geographic limitations

  • Reducing waiting periods and time restrictions on speaking with experts

  • Encouraging participation through interactivity and the development of an online community


HCL Services

Health Call List adds value by assisting corporate clients to facilitate behavioral changes at a mass market level. Healthcare companies have had a degree of success in this area via in-person seminars, and now wish to bring that success to the patient population at large.

HCL works with partners in order to systematize the behavior change process through adapting patient engagement content to facilitated programs.

The HCL team works with clients to identify meaningful metrics, capture data and provide rich analysis and recommendations for engagement program and business evolution.


Measuring Effectiveness of HCL Programs

Health Call List provides its clients with longitudinal data that enables them to track the effectiveness of its program over time. Metrics in the following areas are tracked:

  • Active Participants by Program
  • Repeat Participants
  • Hands Raised
  • User Acquisition Channel Effectiveness
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Surveys
  • Identify Adherence Markers

Health Call List creates deeper connections between healthcare
professionals and the patients, caregivers, and therapeutic experts

If you are a healthcare organization focused on improving patient outcomes through
easily implemented cultural and technological applications, get in touch!