Health Call List

We connect patient communities to medical experts directly through topical video chat, while protecting patient privacy, encouraging participation and getting critical questions answered

Health Call List offers a HIPAA compliant engagement

Here's how it works

benefits of product

Users select expert-hosted topical sessions on smartphone app

benefits of product

Expert video calls all users enrolled in their program

benefits of product

Users engage face-to-face (1:1) with expert hosts, while hosts view their collective audiences on larger screens

If you knew of an easy way to improve patient outcomes, wouldn't you implement it?


NIH estimates 50% of patients do not adhere to prescribed health plans and medicine, resulting in prolonged illness, additional complications and premature deaths.


The US wastes $337B annually on unnecessary medical expenses.


88% of patients working directly with medical experts have improved adherence.

Health Call List creates deeper connections between healthcare
professionals and the patients, caregivers, and therapeutic experts

If you are a healthcare organization focused on improving patient outcomes through
easily implemented cultural and technological applications, get in touch!

Health Call List gives our programs a personal touch.
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